Cara CrossFlash K800i ke K810i

(Equipment is needed)

1. Intention and courage ... ..
2. you certainly have a mobile phone K800i

3. USB Flash driver (Download disini)
4. XS++ V.1.6.8 (Download disini)
5. k810_R1KG001_FS_APAC_RED52 (Download disini)
6. k810_R1KG001_MAIN_GENERIC_RED52 (Download disini)

Here's how ...

1. Extract XS++ V.1.6.8.rar ke C: (contoh= C:\XS++
3. Extract k810_R1KG001_FS_APAC_RED52.rar & k810_r1kg001_main_generic_red52.rar
catchy folder

4. Install USB flash driver conspicuous by his SE K800i USB cable built-in phone to pc, remember not to plug my cell phone first, press the C key on the phone and hold and then plug it into the USB cable, having found new hardware detected navigate to the folder where you download the USB flash drivers "extract the first, if still a rar file / zip "

5. When finished installing the USB Flash Driver disconnect phone and remove battery.

Open XS + + V.1.6.8 press Connect then press and hold down the C key on the phone and plug into a USB cable, after XS + +3.2 detect your phone release the key of C.

Select the option button flash check on Flash Main System and browse to the file k810_r1kg001_main_generic_red5 with button beside.

Check the Flash File System and Browse to the file k810_R1KG001_FS_APAC_RED5 on the button beside.

9. then check Customize File System, in the Select Model pilik Hone K800, and the Select CDA and Regional Select APAC

10. Wait until XS + + displays a message like the following:

12:22:23| Done uploading
12:22:23| ++ Sending shutdown command to phone
12:22:23| ++ Customising was SUCCESSFUL!
12:22:23| ++ Disconnecting phone…
12:22:23| ++ You may now unplug your phone.
12:22:23| ++ Flashing was successful

11. Remove HP from the USB cable, remove the battery and insert again press the power button to enjoy your new K810i ....

because we've become K810i hp, then the PC will detect our phone as K810i, for it download driver K810i first to be used for modems, backups data and other.

Good luck ....!

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