Make MP3 Player Skins Nokia

Here's how ... ... ... ....

1. prepare an image that will make our skin (figure A) .. we can photograph or a favorite picture

2. prepare 1 piece of Skin the MP3 file (File B). if you do not have to grab one file from Handphone.atau if you do not have too, can look on google for those of you who have a card reader, can simply plug the memory card into the card HP reader.Buka card and click System .. if you do not
see the system folder, it means the hidden folder (hidden). to open it. in windows explorer select tools folder option> view> check the box "show hidden files and folders". if it appears click the folder system -> APPSUltra->
MP3Skins ... well there will be no skin MP3.ambil one ...

3. Now we've got 2 files ... the image of A and File B

4. File B will have the extension mp3skin.
eg file extensions mp3skin B.mp3skin ... if not try opening windows appears ..
explorertollfolder optionviewhilangkan the checkbox "Hide extensions
for known file types "

5. now look at the File B.mp3skin you rename the file .. eg B.mp3skin file into the File (rename your last name only. mp3skin be. zip

6. File B will automatically turn into File "mengistal you must have winzip on your computer to simplify the process:

7. go to File with winzip.

8. once opened you will see 4 files ... like

c.spr.pcx (figure C)

9. now we change the format of the image A of. jpg into. PCX open photoshop program to take pictures A .... and then select the save file asganti into PCX format (*. PCX)

10. A picture has now changed the format to be. PCX
11. But size is not the same A.pcx image to screen size monitor our phone .. to see how the HP screen size .. try to take files skin.pcx (see point number 8 .. (figure C)). put in photoshop ... select imageimage size .. would appear the size of 176 × 208 pixel image

12. image resizing A.pcx be 176 × 208 pixels and then save

13. rename gambar.A menjasi skin.pcx

14. Files clay that has been copied gambar.A rename skin.pcx then right click and paste, click ok (remember the name of the image should be skin)

15. File change again become Files B.mp3skin (rename clay ngerename way in point no.5)

15.nah fie is now ready to put back into the Mobile ... how obvious? I've tried to explain in detail ... hopefully with the existence of this posting, you do not feel confused anymore ... ... ... .. hopefully Success!

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